Fly Control Around Your Barn

Flies tend to flock to barns. They’re drawn in by the sights and smells – the same ones that people need to get used to, the flies love. These pesky flies can wreak havoc on your livestock and are particularly known to irritate horses. Thankfully, there are some ways to control them.

Take Care of General Housekeeping Tasks Right Away

If you know that a fly is going to love that dropped tub of supplements or grain, then you should pick it up right away. The cleaner that you keep your barn, especially in the areas where your horses and other animals live, the less you’ll have to deal with those flying menaces. This means that you should do a quick sweep of the area at least twice a day, looking for leftover feed or anything else that was left behind.

Disperse some Fly Traps

Fly traps are one of the most common methods of dealing with flies. You can use the tape kind that lures flies in and then leave them stuck in place, or place some traps throughout your barn. Both types of fly traps lure flies in with special scents and colors. Once the flies are attracted and go right into the trap, they don’t fly out. This method works great outside of the barn as well, so you can catch the flies on their way in.

Use Fly Sprays

There are several different types of these sprays on the market. Some are known as premise sprays, and they are good for killing flies on contact. All that you have to do is aim and hope that you fit those pests. They can be sprayed throughout your barn. The others are general sprays that are applied directly onto your horse. They will keep the flies away and provide some relief from the stinging sensation that comes along with these pests. It’s okay to use a combination of premise sprays and general sprays since both have separate uses.

Purchase Some Fly Masks

If you aren’t having much luck eradicating the flies, then at the very least, you can protect your horse with a fly mask. These masks are designed to fit over your horse’s face, and some even have ear protection attached. You can even use special leg wraps if your horse has an issue with the flies bothering their legs. These won’t kill off the flies, but they will give you a little peace of mind.