Why Winter?

Have you ever thought about why the winter is the best time to place your horse property for sale? It’s not because your ranch looks prettier with snow on the ground. Instead, there are tried and true reasons why this is the best time to sell – and buy – a ranch or other horse property.

There’s Less Competition

Since many people don’t even consider listing their properties in the winter, there’s a lot less competition. Your ranch or horse property may be the only one for sale in your area, calling attention to it. While the idea of selling when competition is reduced may seem counterintuitive, because fewer sellers typically mean fewer buyers, this is far from the truth. There are plenty of people out there who want to buy a horse property in the wintertime.

The Buyers Are More Serious

Speaking of buyers, those who spend their time looking for the right property in the winter are far more serious. They truly want to make a purchase. Compare this to the potential buyers who pop up during the warmer months. You know the ones that we’re talking about – the ones who go for a Sunday drive, see an open house and then decide to stop in. They may or may not be serious about buying, and are more than likely looking just for fun. The people who shop for a horse property or ranch in the winter are the ones that you want to draw in because they aren’t going out in the cold just for kicks. They want to find the best property.

You Can Set the Price Higher

Everyone wants to sell their property for what they (and the appraiser) think that it’s worth. While you might have to price your horse property a little lower in the summer, due to the competition, this isn’t the case in the winter. Less competition means that you can honestly ask for a higher price, and you’re more likely to receive it. After all, winter buyers are serious about purchasing a house and won’t balk at a higher price tag, as long as it’s fair.

As you can see, there are several great reasons why you want to list your property for sale in the wintertime. If you’re ready to place your horse property on the market, contact us today. We can help you with every step of the process, including finding a qualified buyer.